Monday, September 25, 2017

A fireplace and pavilion make a great combo!

This week we finished a project that combines two elements to make a really great outdoor living area, a fireplace and a pavilion.  Bringing these two elements together on this project completely defines the outdoor living space.  They each bring their own function and beauty to the project as well.  Lets break down the details a little bit.

Stone Fireplace
This stone fireplace not only looks great, it is built to last a lifetime.  It is completely designed and built with all masonry components.  The fire box is made using real firebrick and it has a clay inner chimney that vents at the very top of the stone, which draws really well.  This fireplace also has a huge hearth that extends across the entire patio with built in wood storage for nights when you want to linger for just a while longer.

The cedar pavilion gives you the protection you need to enjoy the fireplace all year long and ties in beautifully with the stone wrapping the base of the columns.  Even though all the majestic cedar beams are exposed underneath, the roof is fully completed and weatherproof.  This allows for a all the shade you need on a hot and sunny day or a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee on a rainy morning.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Poolside Pergola in southwest Lubbock

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This poolside pergola was designed to add shade as well as beauty to this already beautiful backyard.  This client decided to go with the bold package which is a great compliment to the architecture on their home.

We also wanted to create a unique design that would differentiate their pergola from any other they had previously seen.  The result was following the curve of the pool and spa to create an arch in the rafters and 4x4 stripping.

We used a dark coffee brown stain and sealer for this project which also matches the clients home and gives the pergola a more stately appeal.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lone Star State Bank

This is a pavilion we recently built at the new Lone Star State Bank on Milwaukee Ave just south of Spur 327.  The bank has a rustic style of architecture that fits right in with the type of projects we specialize in!

This pavilion will be a great place for the employees to eat their lunch on a beautiful day.  It is also an inviting place to take a break outdoors.

The pavilion is designed to compliment the style of the bank with western red cedar as the primary construction material.  A stone veneer was used to accentuate the columns and the roof is a standing seam galvalume.  The handrail around the pavilion separates the area from the hustle and bustle around.  All these elements combine to create a naturally appealing escape.

We also contributed several elements of the structure and interior of the bank.  The most impressive of which is the trusses and ceiling in the main lobby that will astound and impress as soon as you enter the building.  The trusses and ceiling are western red cedar reminiscent of the outdoor pavilion.  We also used a rustic antique oak to finish the ceilings in the entry vestibule as well as the main teller area.

I would encourage you to stop by and take a look at the beautiful architecture displayed at Lone Star State Bank and meet some of the friendly employees while you are there!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bold and Bulky Pergola in Amarillo

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We built this pergola at a house in a new subdivision in southwest Amarillo.  The house had an existing back patio but it just wasn't big enough for entertaining or relaxing the way the family wanted to.  The solution was to extend the concrete patio and build a Bold and Bulky pergola!

Our Bold and Bulky option consists of massive 8" x 8" cedar posts, huge 6" x 12" cedar beams, 4" x 8" rafters and 4" x 4" stripping for shade.  Everything on this pergola is over sized to give it that really substantial look.  This is a great option to go with to make a statement that will set your outdoor living area apart.  On this particular pergola we added the Premium option to the posts that add the finishing touch.

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Remember, winter is a great time to get started on your outdoor escape so that you can be enjoying it this spring!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sideyard Pergola in Vintage Township in South Lubbock

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This project was completed for Steve Hill Homes who is one of the builders we contract for.  He built a very nice home for his clients in Vintage Township.  Even though their yard isn't very big they still wanted to enjoy the outdoors.

Steve was able to create a design that provides a nice shaded area without taking up the very valuable space in the smaller area.  By using posts only on one side of the pergola they still have an open area to enjoy. 

Please enjoy the pictures of the completed pergola.  Visit our website for more info!
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Back Porch Deck connecting to roof in Central Lubbock - Part 2

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This nice home in Tech Terrace area of Lubbock had an existing door from the second story out to the flat roof but there was no way for them to utilize the area.  We were able to build a deck for them to go out on and a set of stairs connecting to the back porch deck.

This deck is a great way for them to get some fresh air and enjoy the area out on their roof.  We also added a handrail around the deck for safety.  There was previously nothing from keeping anyone from going to the edge of the roof.  The handrail is made of redwood posts and rails with composite balusters.  The redwood was used to help keep the cost down and the composite balusters compliment the deck as well as keeping the rail low maintenance.

The stairs make it easier to get from one part of the house to another.  The stairs also enlarge the area that can be used in the backyard without having to go through the house, which is especially nice when having a lot of guests for a backyard BBQ. 

Please enjoy the pictures of the completed project.  Visit our website for more info!
Rustic Outdoor Escapes

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back Porch Deck and Cedar Roof Extension in Central Lubbock - Part 1

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This is a nice add-on to a home in Tech Terrace.  The owners didn't have much of an area to enjoy in their backyard so we created an area for them to relax by adding on a composite deck with a cedar roof above. 

The composite deck is a great choice because of the extremely low maintenance.  It never needs to be stained or sealed and feels really nice on bare feet (no splinters!).  All you need to do to clean it is sweep it off or spray it with the water hose.  Composite decks will last many years longer than a traditional wood deck without the hassle.

The cedar roof extension is a really nice touch to keep out the heat and rain.  The roof extension will also lower their energy costs in the summer by keeping the sunlight from coming in the bay window.  The view of the cedar from under the porch completes the look and gives them the ability to enjoy the outdoors on a sunny or rainy afternoon.

Please enjoy the pictures of Part 1.  Visit our website for more info!  Rustic Outdoor Escapes